We offer adult neuropsychology assessments to screen for dementia and attention deficit disorder.  

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When should you have a neuropsychological assessment?

Concerns about dementia or declining cognitive ability or memory problems - As we age, just as we lose a step physically the same can occur with our brains.  There are normal declines in processing speed and memory that occur with age.  However, if these declines start to impair your ability to function as previously, or they occur rapidly this may be a sign of something more than the normal aging process.  Proper diagnosis of these problems at an earlier point in the process allows for earlier intervention and potential slow the development of disease.

Attention problems that interfere with your daily life - Are you finding it difficult to get things done? Do you find that you jump to new tasks before completing others you started?  These may be signs of many things, but if you suspect that this pattern of difficulty sustaining attention impedes your progress towards living the life you want, you could benefit from proper assessment, diagnosis, and recommendations for manning our attention problems.