Are you or your child struggling with an anxiety problem?  Using cognitive behavioral therapy we can help you learn the tools you need to make these often debilitating issues manageable.  Learning the proper skills with a highly skilled professional can help alleviate the symptoms that have you frozen in fear on a daily basis.  We specialize in the management of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder. 


Neuropsychology Services

Are you concerned that you or a family member may be showing signs of dementia? Forgetfulness can be a sign of normal aging or an early indication of dementia.  Through extensive testing we can help provide some insight into what's happening. 

Do you have a college aged child who is struggling to reach their potential? We can provide assessments for learning differences or attention problems, and help put them on the path to success through understanding how to best achieve.

Consulting Services

Many retirement communities offer great opportunities for companionship in the later years of life, however, they often fall short when it comes to mentally stimulating their residents. We can help develop programming consistent with the unique needs of each community. Matching the programming to specific resident needs leads to more satisfied residents by providing appropriately challenging activities that allow for cognitive growth.

Additionally, with over 5 years experience working with Consumer Reports, we are uniquely qualified to test customer reactions to your products or services of all kinds in terms of experience, usability, and overall satisfaction.


healthy Aging assessment

Through early identification of potential problem areas and with new research demonstrating the ability of our brains to regenerate it is possible that just as we can exercise and eat properly to improve our physical health we can do the same with our mental health.  

Using the most current measures of cognitive ability your strengths and weaknesses will be assessed over the course of a full day of personalized testing.  Following the results of testing you will have a detailed report outlining your current cognitive abilities, along with a list of personalized recommendations to help maintain your cognitive skills into later life.


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